Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meeting locations, blatant promotions, and why September is the best -ember.

Arara! The informational meetings for CU's 2011 production of The Vagina Monologues will be held Tuesday, October 19th from 7pm-9pm in Hellems 247 and Thursday, October 21st from 7pm-9pm, also is Hellems 247! I can't even wait ever!

Also! If any of you gorgeous, wonderful, empowered vaginas/penises who love vaginas...(acceptable?), would like to help out early in the game, please feel free to write the date and times of the info meeting in any classrooms you happen to visit OR contact me for small flyers to put up in bathroom stalls and bulletin boards!

Double also! You can now click on the "Donations" tab at the top of the page, scroll down, and make a donation to V-day online (in any amount) directly through the secure Paypal server! Tell your moms! Tell your friends! Tell the lady in front of you at the grociery store who looks like she really loves her hotbox!

Triple also! Invite your friends to join the 2011 V-day Facebook group found here:!/group.php?gid=150664918306306&ref=mf

QUADRUPLE also! September is the best -ember because the weather is changing and that makes me want to bake. Moral of the story? Cupcakes will be provided at both informational meetings. They shall be made with love. And love for vaginas. But not vaginas.


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